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Now in our 7th year!



February 2, 2004 Final Super Bowl Stats updated.

January 19, 2003 Final Week 20 Allstars, Standings, Stats and Bonus Stats.

January 18, 2003 Prelim Standings and Stats.

January 12, 2003 Final Week 19 and Bonus Stats updated under Playoffs Tab.

January 11,2004- Week 19 Prelim Standings, Stats, Allstars, Week 20 Lineups Sundays games will update again tomorrow evening with any last minute changes.

January 11,2004- Week 19 Prelim Standings and Stats after Saturday games.

January 5, 2004.  Special Week 19 Mr. Fantasy and Analysis.

January 5, 2004  Standings and Statistics for all Week 18 games.  Week 19 Lineups. 

January 3- Early Standings and Stats from the Tenn. vs. Balt. and Dallas vs. Carolina game (under the Playoffs tab).  Players Lost Chart.

January 3, 2004 Playoff Draft Results and Playoff Lineups Posted and Playoff Mr. Fantasy by TBFC owner ALL UNDER PLAYOFFS TAB.

Playoffs Free Agents Located under Playoffs Tab

December 30,  2003 Final Week 17 Standings, Player Stats, Expanded Stats, Allstars, Schedules with scores by team ands by week.  Bonus stats also updated through week 17. Weekly Winner - The Jaguars 103 Points.  

December 29, 2003 Final Week 17 Standings and Player Stats updated the remaining stats will be updated tomorrow.

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