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Week 2 Power Rankings

Home Up



1.  Sandbaggers-  Won the high score in Week 1.  Gotta give them the best ranking for now.

2.  Semolina Pilchards-  Hey, they were second best in scoring in Week one.  Gotta give em second, cause they ain't never gonna be this high again.......EVER!

3.  TBFC-  Third going into Week 2.  But at the end of the week, except them to move up to #1 or #2.

4.  What's the Point-  This year is starting off way different.  The top six teams are gonna surprise everyone.  Let's see if the Point can hold onto this spot.

5.  Mighty Caesars- Always start off every season in the top six.  Cause they always win in the beginning of the year.  Expect them to drop in the next several weeks.

6.  Show Me the Money-  Welcome to the top 6!  This has gotta be a first for Show Me!  This might be the year Goydo makes the playoffs.

7.  Suicide Kings-  How many years in a row can this team be good?  The cards say that this year isn't gonna be one of those good years for the Kings.

8.  C&D TD Makers-  Look at C&D.  Out of the basement and moving up the rankings.  This team is predicted to climb up these standings this year.

9.  Undertakers-  Haha.  Darryl makes it up to #9 and Terry who built this team is gonna be in the cellar dwellars.


10.  Jaguars-  Man oh man.  This is probably the year everyone is gonna want to be in the same division as Terry.

11.  TNT Explosion-  Hey, we all gotta suck once in a while.  Don't see a top 3 finish for this team.

12.  Dragon Slayers-  OFFICIAL LEAGUE DOORMATS.  Hey the Commish has the worst team.  After a good year last year, me thinks it's gonna be a long season this time around.