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Wk 12 Power Rankings

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Week 12 Power Rankings

1. Sandbaggers- This team continues to win no matter what. They have ripped off an 8 game winning streak, and have only lost 1 game this year. They have almost locked up their division and are not far from locking up the #1 seed for the playoffs. While their players may not be contributing to NFL wins, they are scoring like crazy as far as Fantasy goes.

2. Semolina Pilchards- The Pilchards have made trades galore, and since they started trading, they have not lost, whipping out a 7 game win streak in that time after starting out 1-3. Even more amazing is that they have caught up to and surpassed KFC who at one time appeared to be the best team when they started 7-0.

3. Dragon Slayers- Yeah, they lost last week and still moved up in the rankings. They have scored the 2nd highest points in the league and won 4 weekly pots, however, they also have 2 weekly low scores for the season, which indicates a bit of a problem for this team. They need a big win against TNT this week, to maintain their hold on 1st place in their division.

4. KFC- Are sliding down the rankings, moving down to #4 from #2. Yes, they do have a better record than the Slayers, but, they have gone 1-4 in the past month and have the potential to continue playing under .500 for the rest of the season. The good news for them is that 2 more wins probably gets them a playoff spot, however, they need to beat the Queens this week.

5. TNT Explosion- Won last week, which brought them into a tie for their division lead with the Slayers. This week will be critical when they play the Slayers again, and if they want to take the division, they better win. One suggestion, stop playing Atlanta QBís and put in Denver.

6. Whatís the Point- Still holding on to a playoff spot, but it is getting dicey for them. The Queens have somehow ended up with 5 wins and are only 1 spot out of moving into playoff positioning. If the Point want any chance to win their division, they must start this week, with a big win against the Sandbaggers. Itís a tough spot, but the Baggers canít win every game, can they?

7. Suicide Queens- The Queens have quietly moved into playoff contention, with a big victory last week. This week they play the KFC and it is a must win for the Queens if they want to continue to compete for the playoffs. The only problem for the Queens that I see, are that they are the lowest scoring team in the league and while KFC has been going downhill, they typically score more than the 73 the Queens average and Travis Henry has a broken leg.

8. Undertakers- Terry is slowly gaining his revenge on this team, as somehow the Jags are only 1 game behind the Undertakers. Takers have the 4th highest point total, but what is hurting them, is that teams consistently score well against them. Shoot, Show Me actually beat them this week and they are not an impressive team. Takers need to win this weeks grudge match against the Jags and hope that the Baggers beat the Point this week. With a Baggers win and a Takers win, the Takers move to a game behind for the playoffs.

9. Jaguars- My God. This team is all of a sudden winning. Believe it or not, they have moved themselves into slight contention for a playoff spot by going on a 2 game win streak. If they want to compete, they must win this week against the Takers and also hope the Baggers beat the Point. They will need to make some more free agent moves, but there are some potential sleepers on the wire that can improve lower echelon teams.

10. Show Me the Money- With a win last week, they have moved themselves back into the playoff race, and with a win this week and a Point loss, they move into 2 games behind the last playoff spot, with 5 more to go. It is possible. Look at the Pilchards year after year. Yeah, the Pilchards seem to spend all winnings on free agents, but the fact of the matter is, they make the playoffs, cause they donít quit. Big game needed against the Caesars this week.

11. C&D TD Makers- Lost 3 in a row. Had a chance last week to make a trade which not only would have improved their team, but probably would have won them the high score too! Tried the trade again this week, but it ainít gonna fly! Just a hunch, but they probably pull out the victory against the Pilchards this week, cause the Pilchards are due for a loss.

12. Mighty Caesars- Officially have the worst record now that they have lost 7 in a row. Also are the second lowest scoring team in the league. They leave a lot of points on the bench. What is very interesting is that they are now up to +7 in "Coulda Wonís". This team should be 9-2 instead of 2-9, but you gotta put the right players in every week. Not looking good for them, and it is looking likely that they will be picking first next year.