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Week 1 Power Rankings

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Week 1 Power Rankings


  1. Dragon Slayers will be the first team to win back to back championships.


  1. Jaguars are always in it and this year is no exception.


  1. TBFC looks too much like the Slayers did last year with Oakland QB and Saints Defense.


  1.  Show Me the Money will definitely see some money with the team they drafted this year.


5.  TNT barley made the playoffs last year but should have no problems this year.


  1. Suicide Kings – can not rule out last years regular season champs.


  1. Sandbaggers just might bag one of the six teams ranked above him for a playoff spot but I do not think so.


  1. Semolina Pilchards also the next best chance of moving up on this list because he is a free agent paying trading fool and it just might get him in.


  1. Undertakers only because they did not draft their own team and had help from you all know who.


Remember the SHIT HOLE well sorry to say the three teams will have to start there.


  1. C&D TD Makers
  2. What’s the Point
  3. Mighty Caesars