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Week 9 Power Rankings

Home Up


Mr. Power Rankings apologizes for not writing last week.  Everyone in the entire league called to complain.  NOT!!!  The Pilchard’s owner was the only one to harp on Mr. Power Rankings for not writing.  I know the rest of you do not give a shit.


  1. The Sandbaggers take the number one spot for the first time this year thanks to the Slayers because they beat the undefeated KFCs.  This team is the team to beat.  This team has won an impressive five straight games and the sixth win is well on its way facing the one and seven Jaguars in week nine.  Not to mention they have already won three weekly high scores.


  1. KFC a/k/a TBFC suffered its first of many crushing losses at the hands of the Slayers.  This team’s luck has run out as everyone has predicted.  Hey loser – how many points did Stephen Davis score this week? 30 Probably giving the Point a big “V” for victory.  How many points did Tennessee QB score this week? 11. Who got the better end of this deal?  Maybe you should take some notes on how to make a trade.


  1. The Dragon Slayers beat the undefeated KFCs and drop to number three.  This team has also won three weekly high scores and is the second highest scoring team behind the Sandbaggers.  It is just a matter of time before they claim the number one spot probably after beating the Baggers later in the season.


  1. The Pilchards move from sixth to fourth with four straight wins.  They face their division rivals KFC.  This is a must must win for them.  Anything less would practically crush any hopes of winning their division.  The only other note worth mentioning about this team is that they only have three original draft players.  The rest of their team is made up of free agent and trade moves.  This means this team owes the league buco bucks which will only reduce his winnings should he make the playoffs. 


  1. As mentioned in week 7 Mr. Power Rankings, “The Point is actually making a point this year”.  At three wins in a row this team is now five and three and going strong.  If they beat the Undertakers this week they will have given themselves a strong shot at a wild card spot.


  1. TNT is always hanging in there and this year is no different.  They will definitely be in the running for one of the wild card spots.  Out of the top six, if there was a team Mr. Power Rankings had to pick now not to make it in the end, it would have to be TNT


  1. The Undertakers after a decent start lose three in a row and find themselves slowly drifting to the SHIT HOLE.  The are also in a must must win situation facing a division rival.


  1. The Kings need to find a way to score more points.  Maybe they will do so against C&D in week nine.  The winner of this game will stay out of the SHIT HOLE for another week and the loser will go in.


  1. C&D beat the Undertakers by four points in week 8 to climb out of the SHIT HOLE.  As mentioned above they will need to beat the Kings to stay out.  




  1. Mighty Caesars – the best of the losers could have won five game if they had played the wright players.  After facing the Slayers and losing in week nine all this team will be good for is playing the spoiler for the rest of the season. 
  2. Show Me the Money - LOSER
  3. The Jaguars are still trying at one and seven to improve their team by making free agent moves.  Sorry Terry just throw in the towel and call it a season.  Just think you can pick first next year.