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Week 7 Power Rankings

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Let’s do a comparison to the Week 1 Power Rankings.


  1. TBFC was ranked third in the week one power rankings and has held the number one spot for the fifth straight week.  As Week 7 Mr. Fantasy put it “KFC” is going down this week.  Unfortunately this team is not going down in the power rankings until it starts losing which they should have been doing a long time ago.  Mr. Power Rankings still believes that this is inevitable and their luck will run out.


  1. The Dragon Slayers were ranked number one in week one and they are trying hard to reclaim that familiar spot once and for all.  The Slayers face a week opponent this week but with its star players on a bye – this team will need some luck to be victorious and win its fourth game in a row.


  1. The Sandbaggers at five and one are facing Show me this week.  They move to the number three spot.  In week one they were ranked seventh so they have definitely moved up in the rankings.  Let see for how much longer they can continue to maintain their division lead.


  1. The Undertakers climb from ninth in week one to forth.  The strongest three and three team by far and ever stronger than TNT at four and two.  The only reason the dropped down a notch from last week is because they lost to the Sandbaggers.


  1. TNT was number five in week one, was number five last week and stays at number five this week.  This team has the potential to rise a notch or two but it will be highly unlikely.  Probably still good enough to get a wild card spot.


  1. The Pilchards move from eighth in week one to sixth.  The last wild card spot unofficially if the season ended this week.  Everyone beware, this team proved last year that it will make the playoffs with some wheeling and dealing and a ton of contributions to the free agent fund.


  1. The Point is actually making a point this year and is in the running at three and three.  Picked to finish eleventh in week one – the seventh spot suits them well for now.


  1. The Kings go from sixth in week one to eight and drop two spots from last week.  They are slowly approaching the point of no return.  Facing  the weakened Slayers in week seven, if they do not win, they will be joining the rest of teams with losing records in the shit hole


The Shit hole has gotten deeper and wider so more teams then ever find themselves stinking it up big time.  There is still a chance for these teams as there is always one that unbelievably makes a run for the last wild card spot.  Lest see who it is.


  1. Show Me the Money down from fourth in week one.
  2. C&D TD Makers - no movement here anyone suppressed.
  3. The Mighty Caesars up from twelfth in week one.  At this rate, one spot every seven games, this team just might make it to the tenth or ninth spot by the end of the season.
  1. The Jaguars – the biggest disappointment - second in week one to dead last in week seven with probably no chance for a recovery.