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Week 6 Power Rankings

Home Up


  1. For the 4th week in a row this shitty team stays at the top.  We all know who has luck on their side this year.  Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda stats say he shoulda lost three games that he miraculously won.  Well, Mr. Power Rankings says he will start losing beginning with this week and will start his slide down to the shit hole to keep the Jaguars company.


  1. Dragon Slayers- Here is another fact – the Slayers are back.  After winning two weekly high scores in a row it will not be long now before this team is in the number one spot where they belong.


  1. The Undertakers follow the Slayers up the ladder by beating the Sandbaggers next week and assuming first place in their division.


  1. Sandbaggers do not fall far and stay in the top four even after a loss next week.


  1. TNT – drops three spots to number five after losing to the Slayers and relinquishing the lead in their division for good.  Their only hope now is for a wild card.


  1. Suicide Kings should be three and two, with this said they stay in the top six.  The Kings find a way to score enough points to beat the Pilchards this week.


  1. 8.  9.  10.  11.  In no particular order because all these teams are mediocre at best.  Show Me the Money, Mighty Caesars, C&D TD Makers, Semolina Pilchards, and What’s the Point.  Two of these teams will once again return to their once familiar place known as the shit hole.  It would be surprising if any of these teams make the playoffs this year.




12.  The Jaguars – Who would have guessed?  This is definitely the first time this team has been so bad and will probably be the first time in the Jaguars’ history that they do not make the playoffs.