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Week 5 Power Rankings

Home Up


  1. TBFC- Well, it is looking like TBFC is going to run away with their division.  They already have a 2 game lead on the next closest team.  This week they play division foe, Suicide Kings and a win by TBFC combined with a Pilchards win would give them a 3 game lead in their division, pretty much locking it up in Week 5.
  2. TNT- Stays here for the second week in a row.  They fight division foe, the Slayers this week, with the winner in first place in the division.  Can TNT roll on to another win or do they drop out of the division lead?  These and more questions will be answered this week.
  3. Sandbaggers- Also leading their division and staying in the 3rd spot for another week.  They take on the Point this week, and similar to TNT, if they lose, they get knocked out of sole possession of 1st in their division.
  4.  Dragon Slayers-  The Commish moves up to #4 this week.  Since this team drafted last, and is simply a victory away from leading their division, how can you not have anything but respect for Commish Fiorentino?  He is rapidly becoming the “Master of the DTFFL”.
  5. Undertakers-  Slide down one spot cause they are one of many 2-2 teams, but the Slayers have to move in front of them by virtue of same record and later draft pick.  Of course, this team was built by Terry, who is mired in being the league doormat since he neglected his team.  Poor Terry is probably going to suffer another loss to the Undertakers this week.
  6. Suicide Kings- Another 2-2 team.  It’s looking tough this week since they are playing TBFC, whose Oakland players seem to have woken up.  Of course, if they can pull out a win this week, then they will move up to second place.
  7. What’s the Point- This team is looking better and better every week.  Although they suffered a setback last week, their team seems to be getting better and better as the season goes on.  If they can somehow beat the Sandbaggers this week, they very likely could move up to the top 3.
  8. C&D TD Makers- They climb out of the shit hole and make their way up in the standings.  Believe it or not, according to the waiver wire, which may or may not be right, they are actually the 5th best team.  It is likely that they will crush the Pilchards this week and end up with their first winning record in around 5 years.  If Seattle can keep playing as well as they have, then this team could make a major surge in the next couple of weeks.
  9. Mighty Caesars- Went from worst to middle of the pack.  They are now one of six teams that have a 2-2 record, and they really should be able to beat Show Me the Money this week.  However, as I’ve said before, this team usually starts out hot and then begins to fade come mid-season.
  10. Show Me the Money- Well, Show Me is where they belong.  In the Shit Hole!  Goydo is just too easy year after year, cause he uses info that is week’s old to draft.  Every year, I wish I was in his division, cause he practically guarantees division foes three victories.
  11. Semolina Pilchards- You knew it was coming.  A strong first week, then only 1 or 2 victories over the next 9 weeks, and then they play .500 or better over the second half of the year.  They have a running game and nothing else.  It is likely that this team may move into a tie for the worst team after they lose to C&D this week.
  12. Jaguars- They stink!  However, they made some moves to improve their quality, which means they now have two top backs to play each week.  While they are the league doormat this week, look for them to start inching their way back up to respectability.