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Week 4 Power Rankings

Home Up


The League is still tight and anything can happen.  Excellent match ups this week and depending on who wins and who looses it could either be tighter or we will start to see some separation between the good guys and the bad. 


Week 4 Power Rankings.


  1. TBFC got lucky last week and won a nail biter.  If Oakland keeps playing the way they are playing, it is not known for how long TBFC stays on top.  At 3 and 0 and playing Show Me next week, there is no movement here for now.


  1. TNT - Looks like this team is for real and just keeps moving up the ladder.  One of the better 2 and 1 teams - look for a battle against the Undertakers next week.


  1. Sandbaggers lose a tough one to C&D but still have a chance to separate themselves from the rest by defeating the Pilchards next week.


  1. Undertakers – If the Uundertakes do not send in their check to the Commish right away, the Commish will stop updating his lineup and it won’t make a difference who drafted his team. 


  1. Suicide Kings got so lucky and won by two last week.  Hey we all need a little luck sometimes.  They are facing the Caesars next week which should also prove to be a battle as these teams are so evenly matched.


  1. Dragon Slayers – This team stays in the top six because I said so and because they are truly the best 1 and two team in the group and because they a facing the 0 and 3 Jaguars next week who are having the worst year of their illustrious career.


  1. What’s the Point makes the biggest jump this week climbing out of the shit hole at 2 and 1.  Good job!!  


  1. Show Me the Money moves down after losing two in a row by only scoring 49 points against the Kings.  Come on Mike – you are making me look bad.  I said in week one you have a decent team so what do you do – beat me and no one else.


  1. Semolina Pilchards move down also after losing two in a row.  Tough game against the Baggers this week good luck. 


THE SHIT HOLE – no change here after two weeks but I have a feeling one of these teams will clean themselves up and move up in the world after week 3.  Will it be:


  1. C&D - One more win and you can join your friend and get some fresh air.
  2. Jaguars – New member to the shit hole.  What did I say last week – “no choice in the matter” Sorry.
  3. Mighty Caesars – All I can say to this team is good luck.