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Week 3 Power Rankings

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OK Lets all forget Week 2 Power Ranking written by the Pilchards which had absolutely no reference or continuity to Week 1 Power Rankings.  It is still early in the season and as Steve from TNT put it “unlike Mike penis the season is long”.  Now that is a good joke.  How could a team possibly go from being ranked number one to being the league’s door mate league within one week?  No in the history of the power ranking has dropped 11 spots.  If anyone else volunteers to write the Power Rankings, please reference the prior weeks ranking accordingly and do not do a shitty job like the Pilchards did.

Week 3 Power Rankings.  

  1. I’m sorry to say but by the looks of things TBFC is going to have a good year.  Moving form 3rd in week one to 1st in week 3.  Why? Because after facing Mighty Caesars who once again is having trouble stating the right players, TBFC might be 3-0.
  1. Dragon Slayers at 1-1 – Do not count this team out just yet.  Just wait and see what they do to the Undertakers in Week 3.  BEWARE ALL WILL BE SLAIN BY THE DRAGON!!
  1. Sandbaggers make the biggest jump this week because at 2-0 and facing C&D in week three this team will absolutely jump out to a quick 3-0.
  1. TNT moves up one notch to number 4 after winning the pot in week 2 and having scored the most points overall thus far.
  1. Show Me the Money trades places with TNT and moves down a notch as they were beaten by TNT and because they face the dangerous Suicide Kings this week.
  1. Semolina Pilchards – Looks like the Pilchards will ride the Priest all the way to the bank.  Moves up two notches.
  1. Undertakers – Looks like Terry did a better job picking this team than his own.  I’m sure it is the last time he dose this friend a favor.  Darryl, why is it the only time you have a good team is when someone else drafts for you???
  1. Suicide Kings have something to prove this week against Show me.  If they win they will move up on this list next week.
  1. Jaguars – Only out of respect did I not put this team in the shit hole but if it loose next week, which it probably will against TNT, I’ll have no choice in the matter.

 THE SHIT HOLE – no change here after two weeks but I have a feeling one of these teams will clean themselves up and move up in the world after week 3.  Will it be:  

  1. C&D against the Sandbaggers?  NOT!!!
  2. What’s the Point against the Pilchards?  Maybeeeee
  3. Mighty Caesars against TBFC?  Best bet