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Week 17 Power Rankings

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Let me start by seriously wishing everyone a very very happy and joyous holiday season and a healthy and happy new year.

Now for this weeks Mr. Power Rankings:

Since I can not do any playoff analysis because Mr. Fantasy has already beaten Mr. Power Rankings to the  punch and because I have already been warned not to to steal any of Mr. Fantasy's material, why don't we do a little analysis on Week 17 Mr. Fantasy.

Did anyone besides Mr. Power Rankings notice more of crybabies reverse psycho voodoo bullshit in his predications for Week 17.  He has picked his team to lose again.  I do not believe in all the times he has written Mr. Fantasy, he has ever picked himself to win.  I recall when he himself accused the slayers owner of using Mr. Power Rankings as a propaganda tool.  The Pilchards has used Mr. Fantasy to practice his reverse psychology bullshit all season long.  Well Mr. Power Ranking is going to hope that the Pilchards win so bad that they will surely lose.

1.  Sandbaggers - This team needs to hope the the Vikings make the playoffs and a least win in their wild card match up so they can get two games out of Minnesota QB and Moss.  The only other good thing is that they will be picking fist in every fucking round of the playoff draft.  What a loser.   

2.  Slayers - Hey if you cant beat'em join-em.  I will surely use Mr. Fantasy's predictions for next weeks games to justify keeping the Slayers at number two.  HA HA HA 

3. Pilchards - We always want to reward those who contributed most to the league and the Pilchards deserve to finish the regular season third this year third.

4.  TBFC - Unlike Mr. Fantasy, Mr. Power Rankings is predicting a crushing loss for TBFC and a forth place regular season finish.

5.  TNT goes here.  Nice try but no cigar.  The Slayers finally finish this annoying rodent off.  He has had his head up the Slayers ass all year.  

6.  The Kings will have a miraculous victory and make the playoffs again.

As for everyone else - unfortunately as always - thanks for the contribution, see you next year and god bless you losers.