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Week 16 PowerRankings

Home Up


Two weeks left and only one playoff spot left and it is between 4 teams (Suicide Kings, Whatís the Point, Undertakers, and Mighty Caesars).  Five teams are in with four fighting for playoff draft picks.  Three of the five already have their names on the Trophy and stand a chance to be the first team in league history to win it twice.


  1. The Sandbaggers lost to the Slayers last week for the second loss of the season ruining their chances of breaking their 15 and 2 record.  The baggers pretty much suck in the playoffs coming in 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th in the four years that they were in


  1. The Slayers stay at number two for the second week in a row after beating up on the best team in the league.  All they can do is pray to god that they win their next two games and stay there. If they have any chance of repeating as champs they must pick second through the playoff draft.  This team dose much better in the playoffs finishing 1st, 2nd, and 4th in the three years it has made the playoffs.


  1. TBFC wins the weekly high score, the $10 bucks, and a playoff birth.  See what one game can do to a team so late in the season, and just think, last week after losing two in a row things were looking pretty bleak for this team.  They are now also battling for the second pick in the draft.  They face the Pilchards next week in the game of the week. 


  1. The Pilchards drop to number four and see that elusive number two spot getting further and further away.  A loss next week against TBFC will cost them $75 and any chances at the number two pick in the draft.


  1. TNT was another team that needed to win last week and they did locking up a playoff birth for their record fifth year in a row.  Amazing!!  The finished 2nd in 1999, 6th in 2000 and 2001 and tied for third in 2002.  Can they win it all this year?? Two more wins will surely help them along.


  1. The Point has been in control of their destiny for the past two weeks and could not capitalize.  The Kings and Mighty Caesars both got a game closer last week but the Point is still in control.  A win next week against the Undertakers and they will knock out Mighty Caesars and the Undertakers.  Then their only remaining threat will be the Kings. 


  1. The Kings - They did what they had to do last week and beat the Undertakers who scored 100 points in a losing effort. They need to beat the dangerous C&D TD makers next week and TBFC in the last game of the season to have a chance at it.     


  1. The Undertakers has lost some serious momentum by losing to the Kings last week.  The only why they have a chance is by beating the Point next week which we all know is a strong possibility. Wait a minute. What this I see?  The Undertaker face the Jaguars in their last game of the season.  How funny would it be if it was up to the Jaguars to beat the Undertakes in the last game of the season to knock them out.  We will need to wait and see.


  1. The Caesars still have a chance and in week 16 they are still very much in it.  Their chances have gotten somewhat better but they face the Slayers next week. Caesars need to hope the Slayers have one of the 60 point games and that the Point lose. 

 The Shit Hole:

C&D are out for the count sorry to say.  After a crushing one point loss to the Caesars last week their season is over and again they do not make the playoffs. 

Show Me the Money did some damage last week by beating the Pilchards.  Thank you Mike.  Can they help out the Slayers once again and beat TNT next week??

The Jags scored over 100 point in a losing effort  last week but Iím sure that they would like the season to end on a good note and win their last two games.