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Week 15 Power Rankings

Home Up


Well we had our first two ties of the season in week 14 which really screws things up for the Kings and the Caesars who need to win in order to have a better chance of making the playoffs.  Here is how thing look after week 14:


  1. The Sandbaggers have finally clinched the number on regular season spot.  The only thing left for this team to play for is breaking their own league record of 15 wins and two loses form the 2000 season.  Looks like the only team that has a chance of stopping them is the Slayers which is the baggers opponent this week.


  1. The Slayers move up to the number two spot finally after relinquishing it in week 7.  If this team has any chance repeating as champs they will need to retain this spot for the next three weeks and pick second in the playoff draft.  They will need a lot of luck facing the Sandbaggers, Caesars and TNT.


  1. The Pilchards stay at number three clinching a playoff spot.  The only way for this team to have a profitable year is to win their division and get the extra $75.  They face: Show Me, TBFC and C&D in their last three games.  The key here is beating TBFC in week 16.  We all know how bad these teams want to beat the “CRY BABY” Pilchards so it is going to be tough.


  1. TBFC drop two spot after losing two in a row.  This team better find a way to win or they will see themselves fighting for one of the last wild card spots. Everyone’s goal here is to finish the regular season in second and one of these three teams will.


  1. TNT also lose two in a row and find themselves in a little trouble.  They face the Point next week and if the lose they will find themselves fighting for the last wild card spot.  Week 17 dose not get any easier facing the Slayers which might be the decisive game for them.


  1. The Point is again clinging on to the last wildcard spot after week 14 and every game is a must win for them and every team behind them.  It is now or never for this team who is facing elimination.


  1. The Undertakers – move into direct contention for the last wildcard spot and make their final run.  Facing the Kings, the Point and the Jaguars this team has the best chance making it in.  It is very exciting, as is every year, battling for the last wild card spot and a battle we have.


  1. The Kings - The tie against the Pilchards pretty much did it for this team last week.  While they are still in it, too much needs to happen for this and the remaining teams to make it in.   


  1. &  10.  C&D and the Caesars also have to win the rest of their games and TNT has to lose the rest of theirs to even have a chance.


The Shit Hole:


Jaguars & Show Me the Money are out of it and they are just playing the spoilers.  One good thing here is that they will pick early in next years draft which might help them or it might not.