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Week 13 Power Rankings

Home Up


This was an interesting week of football in our league with:  1. The Sandbaggers winning their division.  2. C&D enter the race for the last wild card spot.  3.  TNT regaining the number one spot in the Joe Montana division.  4.  TBFC also regaining their respective division lead and clinching a play off spot.

 Now for the Rankings:


  1. The Sandbaggers have probably clinched this spot and will probably have the number one pick throughout the playoff draft.  This will not however guarantee them their name on the trophy.  Time will tell if they will be the first team to repeat as champs.


  1. TBFC regains the number two spot with another cheesy win over the Kings by two lousy points.  The battle continues next week with interdivision matches once again.  TBFC faces C&D who just won the weekly high score with 133. Watch out!!


  1. The Pilchards only drop to number three because they beat TNT or else they would be number four.  The winning streak is finally over.  It did not take very long for this cry baby to start crying the blues once again.  By the way, my wife gave the Pilchards the nick name CRY BABY.


  1. TNT beat the Slayers to regain the lead in their division.  These two teams face each other once again in the last week of the season which just might be the real game of the year.  TNT faces the Mighty Caesars who are hell bent on playing the spoilers.  We all know that’s possible if he just plays the right starters as proven in last week’s victory over the Money 116 to 93.


  1. The Slayers keep dropping instead of rising and know that elusive number one spot is only a dream.  Now the Slayers are battling to keep a wild card spot.  After only scoring 61 point in week 11 and 64 points in week 12 it seems that any team has a chance of beating this team.  The only thing going for the Slayers is that they won the weekly high score four times and can probably do it again before the end of the season.  Two more wins and this team is in.


  1. The Point is clinging on to the last wildcard spot after week 12 but with its third straight loss they are in just as bad a shape as the Slayers.  The Point is playing the Jaguars next week who are also hell bent on playing spoilers.


  1. And    8.  Are the Kings and the Undertakers – both of these teams are battling to stay in the wild card hunt.  Unfortunately both of these teams are facing difficult opponents next week with the Undertakers facing the Sandbaggers and the Kings facing the Pilchards.  No easy win here.


  1. Once you thought C&D was out for the count they get right back up to face more punishment.  Hey at least they won $10 last week and beat the Pilchards who could have beaten any other team in the league last week with 123 points.


The Shit Hole:


Jaguars, Show Me the Money and the Mighty Caesars have spent almost the entire season in the shit hole.  One good thing is that none of these teams have given up on the league.  They submit their lineups for pride and because the probably care about their all time win, loss, and finishing place.  These stats will be part of next weeks Mr. Power Rankings.