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Week 11 Power Rankings

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In week 10 the teams with winning records won and the teams with losing records lost with the exception of the Jaguars over Show Me.   Week 11 is a little more interesting with the best teams playing the best and the worst teams playing the worst.  This is the type of week where wild cards are won and lost because some of the best teams must lose and some of the worst teams must win creating a battle for at least the last wild card spot.  The season is not over yet!!!! 


  1. The Sandbaggers stay at the top for third straight week after an impressive seven game winning streak.  But wait!  What have we here? The Baggers face the one and only KFC in what might be the game of the year.  It is always nice to see division leaders play head to head.


  1. After losing two in a row KFC stays at number two by winning another one.  Mr. Power Rankings dose not believe that 78 points will do it next week.  They will need to find a way to score a 100 or more points to beat the Baggers.  Good luck!!!


  1. The Dragon Slayers stay at number three with KFC winning last week and must wait yet another week before they can ascend to the number two spot.


  1. The Pilchard’s fantasy world comes to an end in week 11 when they face the Slayers who by the way won the forth weekly high score.  This is another exciting match-up in week 11 where the outcome could jeopardize one of these teams chances at winning their respective divisions.    


  1. The Point loses a crucial game in week ten by only scoring 54 points.  This is one of the teams that might see themselves slipping out of playoff contention with another loss.  They face the Kings next week who are due for a win.    


  1. TNT did not fair well against the Pilchards last week as well.  With seven weeks left in the season every game counts.  This team faces C&D next week who is also due for a win.


  1. The Kings are in a must must win situation once again.  A loss here and they might as well kiss the season good-by. 


  1. The Undertakers climb back out of the shit hole and go back to their winning ways.  At four and six, like the Kings, they are very much in the playoff hunt but must will to stay alive.  




  1. C&D is down for good after another crushing loss. 
  2. Mighty Caesars – ran out of things to say about this team. 
  3. Show Me the Money can’t buy a win and lose to the worst team in the league.
  4. The Jaguars win their second game of the year – who would have thought.