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Week 10 Power Rankings

Home Up



Mr. Power Rankings was going to stop writing every week and switch to ever other week but after receiving life threats from one of the league's team owners he started shaking in his boots and changed his mind real quick.

  1. The Sandbaggers stay at the top for their second week in a row after almost winning their forth pot.  If it was not for Elam getting hurt on Monday Night Football they surely would have.  As everyone probably knows the Pilchards are elated an winning the $10 and offsetting their huge debt to the league for free agent moves and trades.


  1. KFC suffered its second consecutive loss to his interdivision rival the Pilchards.  KFC made two very controversial trades this week in an attempt to stop the bleeding on their way down to the SHIT HOLE will it work?  Mr. Power Rankings dose not think so.  They will lose to the Point in week 10.


  1. The Dragon Slayers stay at number three but with a win against C&D and KFC losing to the Point next week.  The Slayers are only a dragonís breath away from the number two spot.


  1. The Pilchards are once again involved in a trade and once again they are facing a worthy opponent.  They must win again in order to stay in the top four.  Is it a dream or have the Pilchards once again bought their way into the playoffs? 


  1. The Point wins their forth in a row and stay at number five.  If they can beat KFC then 3, 4, and 5 will all move up a notch while KFC will move down to number five. 


  1. TNT is still hanging in there after yet another close win.  Let us see how they fair against another six and three opponent the Pilchards.  These are the match-ups we all wait for.


  1. The Kings win and move up a notch and remain in the thick of things for yet another week.  This team still has some game left but unfortunately they face the mighty Sandbaggers.  The Kings will need their best week to pull this one off.




  1. The Undertakers are in the SHIT HOLE.  Too bad, this team showed so much promise.  Why canít their record more closely resemble that of Kansas City ? 


  1. C&D more tough luck and back they go.  In and out of the SHIT HOLE this team goes.  


  1. Mighty Caesars Ė What? Is that another coulda won game added to their already five. 


  1. Show Me the Money - STILL LOSERS
  2. The Jaguars are like the energizer bunny; they keep going and going yet with another free agent move.