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Week 18 Mr. Fantasy

Home Up


This one will be mild so do not expect to much trash talking..........One 
thing that wins during Fantasy Playoffs is having the special teams/Defense
in the SuperBowl(see last three winners).  That being said, take your pick, 
Phily, NE, KC and/or St. Louis will probably be 2 of the final teams giving 
the Slayers, TBFC and the Pilchards a slight edge.  This could also be the 
year of our first repeat winner with the Slayers, TBFC, and the Baggers all 
looking for the ultimate bragging rights of a second title! 

Baggers: Had the most work to do and because of that ended up with several
back up RB's.  If Denver can advance to at least a second game, Nick could 
put himself in the running.  In addition to this, his pick of the GB QB could
pay off as many folks are picking them to get to  the NFC titlle game. Other
than those two scenarios, Nick's dreams died in the warm air of Tempe Arizona
last week when the Cardinals upset the Vikings! Projected finish: 5
Slayers: Slayers seem very weak at running back, however, could potentially   
have the two QBs in the AFC Championship game. Like Nick, if Indy can ever
find a way to get out of the first round, the Indy connection alone will be  
enough to keep this team in the hunt throughout the playoffs. Projected finish: 4
TBFC: Has a very good mix of St. Louis, Kansas City and Phily players, however,
nothing from NE.  While this team will start slow given the number of players
having the week off, it will finish strong and challenge the Pilchards and TNT
for the title. Projected finish: 2
Pilchards:  I like what they did getting both NE and KC ST's and if these
two make it to the AFC championship, Mike could very well get his name on
the trophy for the first time (man that would suck....we'd never hear the
end of it.  Say what you want, if New England gets knocked off, mike will
ride KC to his first title ever! Projected finish: 1
TNT:  Not sure why I like this team as it probably has no QB after week 1,
however, he is stocked at RB with several players that will get a look at
two games in the playoffs.  That alone will let him finish in the top half.
Projected finish: 3
Point: What can you say about bubba. He is still living the Dallas dream.
More than half his team should be gone by the end of week one, and if by
chance Dallas does advance to the second game, lets be honest, they are not
going to rack up the points needed to compete for the Fantasy title. Phily
QB is all he has, however, it will not be enough. Projected finish: 6
What do you think?