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Week 9 Mr. Fantasy

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                     Mr Fantasy Week 9
                                              by TNT

KFC v. Pizza Huts

The Pizza Huts have made it a point to let everyone in the league know that they have some players on a bye this week.  Because of this, they have made it clear that they expect to lose.  This is a smart move to keep the Monday morning trash talk to a minimum.  But on the other hand this is just chicken shit.  I dont think The Huts have taken a look at The Undertakers roster for this week, its a mess. I havent heard a word from them.  Besides, they only have 3 players from their original roster.  If they were so concerned about this week, they could have made a couple more dozen roster moves.  Im sure the rest of the league will be only too happy to take his money.  KFC has a decent team with Tomlinson and Johnson leading the way.  Id like to compare them to The Huts team, but nobody seems to know who is on their roster from minute to minute.  KFC wins bye a bucket. (Extra Crispy)

Kings v. C&D

The Kings have had all sorts of problems this year.  The last thing they needed this week was Travis Henry on a bye.  C&D will be lead by their Seattle connection as usual.  Seattle has been up and down lately. Mr Fantasy feels they are do for a good week, so thats good for C&D.  C&D win easy 20+

Undertakers v. Point

The Undertakers started of the season very quickly, but have cooled off as of late.  The Point have done just the opposite, and are going to do better now that the Pilchards have given them one of the best rushing tandems in the league  in a bone head trade.  The Point would have been the pick here no matter what, but The Undertakers are missing five top quality players this week including KC Def that leads the league in scoring. (KC Def. was a late last round draft pick).  The Point win a laugher.

Jags v. Baggers

Even though the Baggers have no running game, they have been the top scoring team for most of this year.  They have a trio of receivers that have no match in our league. Their QB situation couldnt be much better with Minn. It doesnt matter if the Vikes go with the starter or their backup,  Minn. QB puts up big numbers every week.  The Jags have been the leagues doormat this year.  Mr. Fantasy has studied all the stats and has found one small glimmer of hope for the Jags.  Tiki Barber and the Giants are going against the Jets and their league worst rushing defence. Maybe he can give Ahman Green enough help to make this interesting.  Mr Fantasy says PICK EM.

Slayers v. Caesars

The Slayers have been riding the wave that is their Indy connection of Manning to Harrison.  As long as they stay healthy, The Slayers will be among the league leaders.  Caesars will combat these two with Arlen Harris.  Enough said.  Arlens reighn comes to an end after one week.  Slayers kick butt.

TNT v. Show Me

TNT  is in all kinds of trouble at the QB position.  Plummer is out for a few more weeks. Beurline is out for the year.  Nobody seems to know when Vick is going to come back, and Johnson has been benched in favor of a rookie QB that nobody has ever heard of before.  They will have to count on their RBs who might be the best tandem in the league.  Show Me will counter with their strong armed St Louis QB to lead them.  In a boring matchup Show Me wins when TNTs QB scores negative points.