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Week 8 Mr. Fantasy

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TNT Explosion (-14) vs. Suicide Kings

Ouch. Both teams have a bit of a hurt on due to injuries and byeís. TNT lost last week, but they can thank the Kings for beating the Slayers cause they still remain tied for the division lead. Their lineup seems to have excellent potential this week, although the QB position is very worrisome. Their choices are the Atlanta QB or the Denver QB. Nobody even knows who is gonna be playing QB for either of those teams this week. Suicide Kings lose Favre this week and he has been hot, hot, hot. They gotta play Bledsoe, who is always a bit worrisome. Even with the major question mark at QB this week, TNT should be able to "explode on the Kings" and further solidify a playoff march as they move to a 2 game lead over the Kings record-wise in a 104-90 victory.

Dragon Slayers (-21) vs. KFC

Yeah KFC has been perfect this season, but they have had a tremendous amount of luck. Slayers started out real weak, but lately they have been winning games with just two players, Manning and Harrison, or should I say, Manning to Harrison. NFL trends seem to dictate a tremendous score for the Slayers this week, while it is the opposite for KFC. The matchups they have this week do not favor them doing much at all. While they probably only have to win two or three more games to make the playoffs, it may be tough for them to do that with the way their roster currently is. As far as Mr. Fantasy is concerned, nobody should trade for any of KFCís players unless they can get Tomlinson or Chad Johnson. While those two can probably win a game or two for KFC by themselves, it is in everyoneís benefit for KFC to lose, so that they can potentially be pushed out of any earnings. Slayers lay a "lickiní" on KFC as they destroy them 126-105.

Sandbaggers (-37) vs. Mighty Caesars

Sandbaggers have taken the league by storm and look practically invincible. While their RBís are weak, they have the best QBís and two of the three best WRís as far as fantasy scoring goes. It is gonna be tough for the Caesars this week. Now, the Sandbaggers were due to write Mr. Fantasy this week, but at the last minute they didnít have time. Itís another team that puts priorities ahead of Mr. Fantasy. J The Commish wanted a bit of a ripping on the Sandbaggers, but he did a good enough job of it himself, so I am including his words,


This Fuckin Asshole dose not even know who the commish

is. What an asshole. If you write MR. fantasy this

week for the $5 please rip him a new asshole.



--- wrote:


The Caesars are just plain out hurting at virtually every position and especially at the WR position which was their strong point at the beginning of the season. Itís gonna be hard for them to field a good enough team to compete with the Sandfaggers and I just donít think theyíre even gonna keep close this week. Sand "I donít have enough time year after year" Faggers will crush the Caesars, 120-83.

Whatís the Point (-7) vs. Show Me the Money

The Point made a blockbuster trade, acquiring the former #1 QB picked, a former #1 WR pick, and a #1a RB pick, when they traded for Donovan McNabb, Donald Driver, and Stephen Davis. Show Me the Money hasnít done anything to improve their team, and have two good players, and a bunch of scrubs on their team. When the Point drop Ricky Williams, Stephen Davis, Plaxico Burress, and Terry Glenn on Show Me this week, Show Me is going to be shedding some tears. The only players they can counter with are Bulger and Horn. The Point seem destined to finish this week at 5-3 after they dramatically improved their RB position. Point win 99-92.

C&D TD Makers (-4) vs. Undertakers

This should be a victory for C&D, but cause they always end up with a heartbreaker, they really canít be favored by much. The Undertakers took a hurtiní last week and probably will again, especially if Moulds doesnít play, cause they got no choice but to play him. Mr. Fantasy doesnít expect either of these teams to make much of a move the rest of the year, and maybe the "curse of Terry" is finding itsí way to the Undertakers team. Not an exciting game, but C&D can probably pull this one out winning 82-78.

Semolina Pilchards (-5) vs. Jaguars

Jaguars have the #1 back in fantasy, while the Pilchards have the #2 back. Unfortunately for the Jags, their back is on a bye this week. The Jags also bring their top 5 QB to the table (courtesy of the Pilchards in a trade that was a bust for them), but unfortunately for the Jags, the Pilchards now bring the #1 QB back at them, thanks to another trade, that will hopefully not turn out to be a bust. The Pilchards are stocked at RB with 4 starters, and any team wanting a starting back, could offer the Pilchards a good WR, cause their WR position is lame. The Jags are gonna kill them in WR points this week. All in all, the Pilchards should have enough to take card of the Jags, winning 87-82.