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Week 7 Mr. Fantasy

Home Up


I have to start with this match-up, with the so called best team in the league. Grant you KFC
is undefeated, but it stops there. The best thing about this team is the owners, who make us
laugh pretending they knew what they were doing on draft night. So will KFC continue to dodge the grease this week? TNT has a big edge at QB and Jamal Lewis should have field day in Cincinnati. KFC gets fried this week  as they start the decent from the so called power of the league.  TNT wins easy!!!!


Undertakers @ Semolina
Darryl wrote Mr. Fantasy a couple weeks ago and threw me under the bus. You would think
that since he had nothing to due with his current team (which is a good thing) he would keep his mouth shut, we all know he doesn't have a clue. But we have to give him credit he knows when not to show up. This should be a very good game, Semolina has  strong RB's in Davis and Holmes. At WR Gonzalez along with Galloway are playing bigger roles with their teams. Undertakers counter with a better QB and RB's that will get them steady points week after week. In a  close one Semolina just beats out the Undertakers by a few points.
Jaguars @ C@D
Jaguars played the Point tough last week losing by only two points. They have improved at RB and we all know McNabb will get back to where he was last year. C@D has done very well depending on Seattle to get them through. However I think this is the week that the Jaguars get their first win. Jaguars over C@D
Dragon Slayers @ Suicide Kings
The Slayers are tied with TNT for the top spot in their division. The QB which is their strength is off this week which will have a big effect on the outcome of this game. The Kings are off to a slow start at 2-4 were beat up big time by Semolina last week and continued being the lowest scoring team in the league. I think the King will continue their losing ways and fall to the Slayer in a big way, ever without Manning.
Show Me @ Sandbaggers
Referring back to to KFC's owner, Show Me was suppose to be one of the top teams in the league. Like I said before he swears he knows what he is talking about. Sandbaggers have a
solid team and the record shows it. Even though I would love to see Show Me take this one
they just don't have enough. Sandbaggers easily over Show Me
Migthy Caesars @ What' The Point
The Caesars are off to a slow start and with Faulk out, things don't seem like it will get better.  They are weak at QB, with the main help coming from WR Ward. The Point is back and should stick them pretty good.  Point over the Caesars.