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Week 6 Mr. Fantasy

Home Up


C&D TD Makers -15 vs. TBFC


TBFC, those NAMBLA bastards, keep winning and winning even though they consistently have crappy scores.  C&D is in the middle of the pack with an average record, probably cause they are so heavily invested in the Seattle team.  If the Seahawks do well, so does C&D.  If they suck, so does C&D.  This week TBFC takes a hit with some big losses.  They lose Ladainian as well as Chad Johnson, who have been their main scorers.  If Oakland can be shut down this week, TBFC may not break 40 points.  C&D takes some bye week hits also, but they arenít as bad, so C&D should be able to easily win this game.  Final Score:  C&D 73  TBFC 58.


Suicide Kings -7 vs. Semolina Pilchards


Both teams are tied with the same bad record, although believe it our not, at this moment 2-3 is good enough to make the playoffs, however, one of these teams will be at .500 when the game ends.  Suicide have dropped two in a row, meaning, they are a bit weak playing their division.  Pilchards have both wins from their division, but really stink when they play outside.  Last time these teams met in Week 1, Pilchards won, but as Bob Dylan says, the times they are a changiní.  Pilchards look good on paper as mentioned in last weeks Mr. Fantasy, but will they ever play up to their potential?  Especially questionable is their continuing to play Donovan McNabb who so far is the worst FFL QB there is, but you know if he is benched, heíll have a great game.  This week, the NFL matchups go the Kings way, as well as all the Pilchards players going at 1 pm which typically means a loss for them.  Kings start moving back up to respectability while the Pilchards continue to be mired in mediocrity as the Kings finally win a division game 99-92.


Undertakers -48 vs. Sandbaggers


Before we get into the game, here is a copy of the league rule dealing with payment:


Annual Dues must be paid prior to Week #1 games. Any team that has not paid their dues will be charged with a loss for each week the dues are not paid, whether or not the team has won. This will not affect the opponent in any way.


So you see, no matter what Darryl has done, if the Commish chooses to enforce the rule, the Undertakers are now 0-5 and are going to be 0-6 after this week cause THEY STILL AINíT PAID.  What the Fuck?  Even the Commish paid.  Send in that check or weíre going clock you over your head with your book of chapters!


The point spread is not a misprint.  The Sandbaggers are totally screwed this week, cause all of their impact players are on a bye.  Say bye-bye to Minny QB, Randy Moss, and others.  Undertakers are in good shape with their roster this week, and they still have the KC D/ST who have scored more points than probably any other player.  The Undertakers are going to DESTROY the Sandbaggers this week and move up into first place.  Darryl said 5% of winnings will go to Terry, but Mr. Fantasy thinks this should be more like 50%!!!!  NEXT YEAR- NOBODY DRAFT FOR THE UNDERTAKERS.  IF HE IS LATE, HE MISSES HIS PICKS.  HE NEEDS TO DRAFT FOR HIMSELF SO HE CAN SUCK AGAIN!!!!  But this year is this year, and the Undertakers are gonna demolish the Baggers winning 125-77.


Jaguars -3 vs. Whatís the Point


Jags are getting the automatic 3 point home favorite spread, even though they are 0-5.  But after last weeks trade, they have a pretty good team, just a bit weak at the WR position, but pretty strong everywhere else.  The Point look pretty good at QB, but the rest of their team is slightly worse than the Jags.  Mr. Fantasy knows that the Jags win their first game this week.  Just gotta win 4 more and they will be at .500 just past the midway point and again competing for the playoffs.  Jags win their first 94-91.


Dragon Slayers -87 vs. Show Me the Money


Martino is a punk!  That bastard seems to have all the luck the last two years.  As long as somehow Manning and Harrison get hurt, he is done.  If not, then he is gonna roll to the playoffs, cause those two are playing lights out right now.  Show Meís team is just terrible and being Goydish couldnít bother to get a Mr. Fantasy in on time, why even bother reviewing his team.  Slayers win 137-50.


TNT Explosion -2 vs. Mighty Caesars


This is gonna be a close game.  Even though the Caesars have absolutely no running game whatsoever, this may be the week that the Saints pick it up.  Of course, being that TNT has Deuce McA, they likely will offset a bunch of the points that Caesars may score from their QB position.    Hey Caesars, William Green is available for Hines Ward.  You still have good receivers and you get a starting RB which will be your only one!  Contact the Pilchards ASAP, cause you canít rely on NO QBís to lead ya to many victories.  TNT is hurting at QB this week due to injuries, and is hurting every week at WR.  As noted, TNT has issues this week with their team, but they still have enough to pull it out against the Caesars.  TNT wins 81-79.