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Week 5 Mr. Fantasy

Home Up


Semolina Pilchards  @ C&D
  Pilchards has a good team on paper but the ownership
sucks and so well this team.( Mike's payroll this year
$750.00) C&D won last week with 4 Detroit players & a
Arizona player WHAT IS THE POINT!Seattle players come
back BIG. C&D 102-74

TBFC  @ Suicide Queens
   TBFC has the strongest team this year and at 4-0
they are ready to steamroll the queens. Queens are
good at QB but all of there receivers smoke crack.
TBFC win 107-85.

What the point  @ Sandbaggers
    The point is this team suck on paper and will
continue to suck all year. Rickey Who?(trade him and
get some of your money back. Sandbaggers  2nd best
team on paper.   Baggers 156-80

Undertakers @ jaguars
    This were our friendship ends. ( No! it ended with
the Muhammad pick) The KC defense will do you in.
THANKS Undertakers 93-63

Mighty Caesars @ Show me the money
  Who cares about this game not even the owners.
Hell they both suck you pick one. MC34-Show up 34

Dragon slayers @ TNT 
  With Jamil Lewis running over everyone and Toomer
back to make some plays, I think TNT will beat the
slayer in a good game.(Indianapolis playing the buc's
will hurt the slayers.   TNT 94-80