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Week 3 Mr. Fantasy

Home Up


TNT (1-1) vs. Jaguars (0-2)

Jaguars have enough depth to overcome TNT’s Lewis and McAllister.  Jaguars 84-80.


Dragon Slayers (1-1) vs. Undertakers (1-1)

A shootout this week and the commish is gonna take one bullet too many.  Undertakes over the Slayers 106-104.


Sandbaggers (2-0) vs. C&D (0-2)

Sandbaggers look to have a strong team this year.  They’re going up against a struggling Seattle Seahawks club.  It’s gonna be a close one but nothing will keep C&D from and 0-3 start.  Sandbaggers 121-110.


What’s the Point (1-1) vs. Semolina (1-1)

Sad to say, I see the Semolina bread makers eking this one out 100-98.  Does anyone really what to hear any more from Mike.  Stop him now!


Show Me the Money (1-1) vs. Suicide Kings (1-1)

With all the time it takes for Rickey to make decisions he’s probably still stumped on who to QB this week…  Close the binder Rickey!  Kings easy 104-78.


Mighty Caesars (1-1) vs. TBFC (2-0)

After two off weeks to begin the season, the Caesars will get things rolling this week while knocking TBFC down a peg.  Who could ask for more?  Mighty Caesars 94-88.