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Week 17 Mr. Fantasy

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WEEK 17 MR. FANTASY AKA Week 17 Pilchard Ramblings

By da Pilchards


Sandbaggers have clinched the #1 seed for the playoff draft.

Pilchards are in the drivers seat for the final week. They will clinch the #2 seed with a win, #3 seed with a loss and TBFC loss, and the #4 seed with a loss and TBFC win. They can be no worse than the #4 seed.

TBFC will clinch the 2nd seed with a win and a Pilchard and a Dragon Slayer loss. They clinch the #3 seed with a win, Pilchards loss, and TNT loss. They clinch the #4 seed with a Pilchard win, TBFC win and TNT win. They clinch the 5th seed, with a loss and and TNT loss.

Dragon Slayers will clinch the #2 seed with a win and a Pilchard loss. Clinch #3 with a win and a Pilchard win. Clinch #4 seed with a loss, and a TBFC loss. Clinch #5 seed with a loss and a TBFC win.

TNT Explosion will clinch the #2 seed with a win, Pilchard loss, and TBFC loss. #3 seed with a win and a Pilchard or TBFC win. #5 seed if they lose. They cannot be the #4 seed.

Whatís the Point or the Suicide Kings will be the 6th seed.



C&D TD Makers (-4) vs. Semolina Pilchards

C&D was in a terrific battle last week with the Suicide Kings. The game went into Monday Night before a victor was finally declared. Unfortunately for C&D, they lost, and it didnít matter since the Point had won. The Pilchards were also involved in a nail biting battle with TBFC for the division lead and somehow the Pilchards pulled out the victory. As if luck wasnít good enough with the victory, the Slayers also lost, which means the Pilchards go into this game needing a win to clinch the Division as well as the #2 seed overall for the Playoffs. This week C&D pits their usual Seattle players against the Pilchards injured players. Pilchards have had to do a bunch of lineup shuffling at the end of the year due to injuries and this week will be no different. While the Pilchards desperately need the win, so they can pay back some of the funds they owe for free agency, C&D has owned the Pilchards over the years. They always seem to get a career game out of one of their players when they play the Pilchards. So Mr. Fantasy must reluctantly pick C&D to win and for the Pilchards to suffer a crushing loss and another coulda won (for a total of 6), when C&D dump the Pilchards from the #2 seed all the way down to the #4 seed, with a final score of 87-83.

TBFC (-8) vs. Suicide Kings

TBFC suffered a crushing blow when they lost Isaac Bruce for the week and they lost their division lead to the Pilchards who defeated them, behind Chad Johnson (!) for the second time this year. Suicide Kings came back on Monday Night to keep in the playoff hunt. This is a must win for both teams, in the GRUDGE MATCH OF THE YEAR. TBFC must win and hope for a Pilchard loss to win their division and the Kings must win and hope the Point lose for them to make the playoffs. While Bruce may still be out for this week, the Kings have definitely lost Terrill Owens who broke his collarbone. GB is not gonna win their division, so Favre is not gonna be as productive with his injury, cause the Packers arenít going to the playoffs. TBFCís team has been weak lately, but they have enough to take care of the Kings for their 11th win of the season and the Division title, as well as dumping the Kings out of the playoff race in the final week of the season, when they win 92-86.

Sandbaggers (-24) vs. Whatís the Point

Sandbaggers won again, beating up on league doormat, the Jaguars. The Point pulled out a huge victory over the Undertakers. Sandbaggers have had nothing to play for, for several weeks now, and this week will be no exception. Pointís QB must fight for the NFL division so he will perform, but Stephen Davis may not be playing again. This is a critical game for the Point who would like to go into the playoffs with a winning record, but itís gonna be really difficult. And if the Point lose, and the Kings beat TBFC, then the Point are out and the Kings are in. Thisíll be a first when Bob is rooting for Smitty and Mulcahey, cause the Baggers are gonna take out the Point this week, as they have virtually everyone else, 114-90, and the Point must wait and hope that TBFC beats the Kings.

Undertakers (-5) vs. Jaguars

Jags have been eliminated for a while, and the Undertakers were eliminated last week in a huge win by Whatís the Point. This game means absolutely nothing and is meaningless. Errr, Darryl, Chapter 1, "Thanks for your contribution". Terry, you rock! See you in the playoffs next year! Undertakers win 79-74.

Mighty Caesars (-9) vs. Show Me the Money

Two more teams who are eliminated, so this game means nothing, so why even bother. Show Me can kiss my ass, cause the Pilchards are back in 2nd before heading into Week 17. Ted, we all want to thank you again for joining the league. We appreciate your bringing cash to the table. Mike, you have our eternal gratitude for your typically prompt payments each year. Caesars win the meaningless game, 107-98.

Dragon Slayers (-3) vs. TNT Explosion

Final game of the year for these teams, and the GAME OF THE WEEK. This game is huge, thanks to a loss last week by the Slayers and a win by TNT. Slayers dropped out of the #2 seed position and down to #3 and things could get even worse this week if they lose. TNT won a huge game last week and just missed out on the weekly high score. Both of these teams are 1-1 against each other, and this last game is what will decide the division winner. The game is huge for both teams and playoff positioning, along with the TBFC and Pilchards games. Dragon Slayers get big games this week out of Manning and Harrison which will offset the big Jamal Lewis game TNT is going to get. In this critical last game, the Slayers will pull out a close victory, 117-114, as they win their division and possibly the #2 seed.