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Week 16 Mr. Fantasy

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Week 16 Mr. Fantasy AND Week 16 Pilchard Ramblings

By da Pilchards

Hello again.  We will start this week off with the Playoff update and the Pilchard Ramblings.  Then weíll get into the games.

Clinched Playoffs:



Dragon Slayer

TNT Explosion

Semolina Pilchards

Still In it:

Every team except for the Jaguars and Show Me the Money.  Yes the Caesars still can get in cause of their tie.

The Ramblings

Woe is me.  A miserable 2 weeks for the Pilchards and a big drop in the Rankings.  Thanks to Pilchard lineup fuck-ups as well as incredible luck for the Caesars and Show Me, the Pilchards have dropped from the #2 spot all the way down to the #5 spot.  Fucking Caesars tied the Pilchards 2 weeks ago, and Fucking Michael Goydish beat them this past week.  The scenario- Pilchards shifted their lineup and then reshifted back to the money players before game time.  Unfortunately, the money players were more like the ripoff players.  Pilchards score 116 points and are up by 40 with Show Me having 1 player left.  Of course, as happens, the 1 player has a career game against the Pilchards and sets all kinds of fucking records.  And the worst fucking part is that it was the fucking Giants who gave up everything.  Two words:  Joe Horn.  4 TDís and 130 yards later (and one TD counted as two based on league scoring), and the Pilchards probably lost around $250 in winnings due to the last two weeks.  And their last two matchups are extremely fucking tough.  KFC who is hot now and that will be covered in the games, and C&D who for years have had the Pilchards number, cause their players almost ALWAYS have fucking career games against the Pilchards.  So, fuck you Ted, fuck you Goydish, fuck you Smitty, and fuck both the Wilckens.  As a matter of fact, fuck all of you, and especially L1/2EC (Lazy Ĺ the Effort Commish).  Fuck off, motherfuckers.

TBFC (-27) vs. da Pilchards

TBFC is hot with LT.  Believe me, I know, cause I had him the last two years.  He is the BEST second half fantasy performer there is.  Pilchards suck.  Going downhill.  Based on roster, gonna finish last in the playoffs even though they were the second to clinch.  Of course, they havenít won a game since the clinched and the prediction is 2 more losses to close the season, especially with the QB out for the rest of the year, which makes ľ of the team obsolete, and the other QB hasnít thrown a TD in 2 weeks and goes against the Pats D who hasnít allowed a TD in something like 6 years.  Fuck you Smitty and fuck your win over the Pilchards, which you will win 127-100

Suicide Kings (-12) vs. C&D

Kings now have a great shot at making the playoffs based on the Point totally collapsing, but you just canít count C&D out.  Kings have a hot Favre now, but C&D is a great spoiler team, and even though the Kings are predicted to win, C&D will probably knock them off.  Even so, Mr. Fantasy picks the Kings to win 82-70, and if they can win their last two and the Point lose 1 of the last 2, which is likely, they are in the playoffs.

Whatís the Point (-1) vs. Undertakers

Mr. Fantasy WANTS   to see the Point win.  However, itís been really fucking tough for them lately and last week they suffered a crushing 2 point loss to TNT.  Undertakers have been fighting all year long, but the Point are more than due so Mr. Fantasy favors them, picks them to win, and is rooting damn hard for them to get a victory.  Point finally pull one out which keeps them a little breathing room, when they win 82-81.

Sandbaggers (-7) vs. Jaguars

Sandbaggers sucked last week and the Jags got fucked by TBFC who ended up being the top scoring team.  Baggers have taken a punch with some of their injuries they are now suffering and somehow lost to L1/2EC last week.  Even so, it should be an easy win against the Jags, as the Baggers look forward towards finishing with a Division sweep, with a 97-90 victory.

L1/2ECís (-36) vs. Mighty Caesars

L1/2ECís pulled out a big victory last week and it is looking good for them to get the 2nd overall pick.  Caesars did their part, by screwing the Pilchards 2 weeks ago with a tie, so who the fuck cares what they do this week.  Fucking L1/2ECís win 119-83.

TNT Explosion (-69) vs. Show Me the Motherfucker Dickhead Goydish

TNT won.  Fucked the Point over and are about to knock the Pilchards down to the 5th and possibly 6th seed before the season is over, depending on how many they win.  Dickhead Fuckface Goydish beat the Pilchards last week, only cause his piece of shit team was lucky to have a player going against the fucking shitty secondary of the lame ass giants.  TNT win, 92-23.