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Week 15 Mr. Fantasy

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Da Pilchards Week 15 Mr. Fantasy

TBFC (-14) vs. Jaguars

TBFC suffered a tough loss last week when they were pummeled by the Undertakers who took the pot. The Jags surprisingly pulled out a tie against the Kings. Surpisingly enough, there were no tie games this year until Week 14, and strangely enough, there were two games that ended up tied. The Jags should be singing "woe is me"! You canít have great wide receivers if all four are free agents, UNLESS you are da Pilchards. TBFC is just too tough, and pulls this one out with a comfortable margin, as they look forward to their mammoth matchup with da Pilchards next week. TBFC wins 87-73.

Suicide Kings (-4) vs. Undertakers

Suicide Kings tied the Jags last week as mentioned above, while the Takers won the pot cause Portis went crazy! 5 TDís from any player much less a back is what fantasy dreams are made of. Portis will not go nuts like that again and the Kings having one of the best fantasy kickers will kick the Undertakers in a close won, allowing TBFC and the Slayers to clinch playoff spots. Kings win 96-92.

Show Me the Money (-2 Ĺ) vs the Pilchards

Show Me had a big win last week against C&D, to put a hurtiní on their playoff chances. Pilchards somehow pulled out a tie against the spoiler Caesars, to move into sole possession of Division leader for the first time this year, making up 4 Ĺ games on TBFC over the last several weeks by going 8-1-1. However, they mocked on Show Me something fierce, so you KNOW Show Me is gonna play spoiler and beat them. Final Score, Show Me over the Pilchards 78- 75.

Mighty Caesars (-8) vs. C&D TD Makers

Caesars earned a tie last week with a BIG defensive/ special teams game from the Vikings. C&D were virtually eliminated from the playoff race when they lost to Show Me last week. Seattle is on the road this week which means they probably will not score much for C&D, whereas Kitna and the rest of the Cinncy players should have good games and Faulk will most likely have a great game. Neither team is going anywhere, but the loser of this game probably gets a better draft pick next year. Caesars win 89-81.

TNT (-4) vs. Whatís the Point

Both teams suffered losses last week hurting their playoff position and chances! This is the GAME OF THE WEEK cause this game is essential to these both of these teams. TNT has a scary team that has the potential to expolode, as does the Point, but the tough decision is who to play each week. TNT has to play Vick and the Point have to NOT play Dallas players and put Driver on the bench. TNT pulls out a close victory, causing the Point to fall into a tie for the last playoff spot, with a losing record. TNT wins 103-99.

Dragon Slayers (-1) vs. Sandbaggers

We all know Sandbaggers are tough, having won 13 games already, but the Slayers are also Division leaders. Mr. Fantasy has one word about this matchup: SNOW! The Baggers Minny players are not gonna be happy playing in Chicago this week, while the Slayers have bulked their team up with Dome players. Slayers find out a way to pull out the victory, win the high score, give the Baggers their second loss, clinch a playoff spot, and move into the lead for the 2nd pick overall, when they beat the Baggers 122-121.