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Week 14 Mr. Fantasy

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Week 14 Mr. Fantasy Extravaganza!

By  da………Pilchards

C&D TD Makers (-10) vs. Show Me the Money

Incredible.  C&D has ripped off two huge wins and gotten back in the playoff race by beating both of the top teams in their Payton division over successive weeks.  Essentially, it’s a lost two weeks for da Pilchards and KFC cause they are right at the same spot as two weeks ago.  Show Me dropped their second in a row CAUSE THEY SUCK.  The Coach doesn’t do lineups that can win and is willing to just tank the games.  Unless the unthinkable is true:  THAT HE IS AN ABSOLUTE MORON!  Who would play Washington QB over NE QB?  What a doofus if this was done on purpose.  And he left in a player that wasn’t even playing!!!!  At least the Commish is a good guy, cause he put in a different RB and he musta been chocking initially, when Staley scored a TD and NE D/ST scored a huge KR TD.  Commish- don’t even bother revising his lineup this week.  C&D deserves to get back in the hunt.  Nobody except the Baggers are safe from being overtaken by them, and they still play da Pilchards to close the season.  Their Seattle team has gotten hot, hot, hot!!! And maybe now that trade they offered da Pilchards doesn’t look so bad, but it sure looked real crappy when they offered it.  Of course, there is a pattern that has evolved, in that if C&D is picked to win, they lose.  But Mr. Fantasy says Bravo!, C&D, and picks them to win 95-85.

Mighty Caesars (-2) vs. da Pilchards

Caesars have incredibly won two in a row, while the Pilchards have the second hottest streak still going in being 8-1 over the past nine weeks.  While on paper overall, da Pilchards no question have a better team, Mr. Fantasy says screw overall, I use current figures.  And current figures say the Caesars are TOUGH!  Looking over their stats for this week, virtually every damn player on their team scored 3 TD’s!  And I was rooting for ya big time to win the weekly prize.  It makes a crappy season a little better when you can win a weekly high score.  (I know from experience!)  Mr. Fantasy DID NOT want da Commish to win an AMAZING 5th pot.  However,  I believe da Pilchards still maintain the record with 6 weekly highs in Season 2.  The Caesars want to put a big time hurting on da Pilchards especially when they mocked on him after the Thanksgiving games, telling him it looked like he was gonna be PLUS ANOTHER GAME in the coulda, shoulda category.  If the Caesars had picked the right players every week, they would be the second best team overall with an 11-2 record.  That’s why this is a trap game for da Pilchards.  Da Pilchards had a huge win coupled with a huge KFC loss, to move back into a tie for the Division lead, with a 9-4 record.  Mark your calendars.  Week 16- Tremendous game between KFC and da Pilchards for da Division!  Caesars team has been on fire the last two weeks and they have some excellent matchups this week.  And believe it or not, the Pilchards have never won when only their opponent has a player going in the Monday night game.  Mr. Fantasy predicts a heart-breaking loss for the Pilchards and a ton of Smack Talk from the Caesars, when they pull out the victory Monday night, winning 108-106.

Jaguars (-6) vs. Suicide Kings

Both teams are coming off of two game losing streaks and the Kings who had climbed into playoff contention have been moving in reverse, now 2 games behind the last Wildcard spot.  The Kings last loss came at the hand of da Pilchards who kicked their ass for a third time this season, behind the power of the Priest.  Yes, Rick, that is a 3 game sweep of you as predicted at the end of the draft.  While the players changed each time the Kings lost to the Pilchards, one thing remained consistent. Everybody………..”Priest”.  Later, Dude.  See you at the draft next year!  J  The Jags are mired as cellar dwellers, however several of their losses have been by mere points and they have the second highest coulda, shoulda, at Plus 4.  This is an absolute must win for the Kings this week, but Mr. Fantasy has a hunch that Green and Tiki are gonna be AWESOME this weekend, and not because he needs the two of them to score him a ton of points in another league, in hopes of making either the playoffs or winning the years most points award.  Jags pull out a meaningless victory and send the Kings home, when they win 78-72.

KFC (-13) vs. Undertakers

As mentioned in other game write-ups, KFC were nicely tossed by C&D last week and as the Undertakers had the misfortune of playing the Baggers again, they also lost.  KFC is in a fierce battle with da Pilchards for the Division.  And it’s very nice to know, that after starting 7-0, they have gone 2-4 in the past 6 weeks.  While it would be very nice to all for them to lose again, they have enough fire power to put the Undertakers out of their misery of this year.  For the same reason da Pilchards are gonna lose to the Caesars, KFC are gonna beat the Undertakers.  And the reason is:  They are heavily stocked with St. Louis players who are going against one of the worst defenses around in Cleveland AND they are playing on Monday night, in which they have always traditionally done well.  Granted, the Undertakers are loaded with the AFC counterpart of the supposed Greatest Show on Turf, but KC might have turned the corner in getting Priest more involved in scoring.  And Mr. Fantasy knows from experience, KC is goddamn bitter cold, and you can hardly grab the ball to pass it.  The Undertakers have scored slightly more than the KFC, 89 points vs 88 points per game, but Mr. Fantasy just has a hunch that St. Louis is gonna play huge this week.  Shoot, KFC’s tandem WR has finally started scoring TD’s, which is part of the reason why the Baggers aren’t winning every pot.  At any rate, it probably doesn’t matter too much one way or another what happens in this game, cause Mr. Fantasy has a hunch that when KFC and the Pilchards play in Week 16, the winner is gonna be the division winner. As much as it pains him, Mr. Fantasy chooses KFC to win by a comfortable enough margin, 86-73.

Sandbaggers (-17) vs. TNT Explosion

This game is HUGE as is the Slayers vs. the Point game.  Not huge for the Baggers, but huge for TNT.  They are tied for the division lead and it really is kinda like a must win game for them.  Of course, they do play the Slayers in Week 17, and that game has the potential to be of gigantic importance just like the KFC-Pilchard matchup in Week 16, cause TNT and the Slayers have beat each other once, and whoever wins that game, will hold the tiebreaker if they finish with the same record.  TNT lost to the Caesars (!!!!!) and the Baggers won last week.  It wouldn’t be so interesting, if the Baggers weren’t on a 9 game win streak.  Mr. Fantasy remembers a couple years back when the Baggers set the standard for wins by only losing two games (thereby winning 15 games), but the way it is looking, he may set a new standard of 16 wins.  However, it is very tough to only lose 1 game over a 17 week season.  While TNT has a couple of great backs, including Mcallister who has ripped off 9 hundred yard games in a row (for a total of over 1200 yards), while also setting a Saints record with 17 career 100 yard games, the Baggers have the best QB and the top WR’s in the league scoring wise.  Yes, the don’t have Hearst, but you know whoever the plug in will still score 10 points!  The spread is high, but the Sandbaggers seem to have all the luck this year, so Mr. Fantasy is picking them to win, 127-110.

Dragon Slayers (-18) vs. What’s the Point

This is the GAME OF THE WEEK.  Playoff aspirations, Division titles, and other mysteries will be answered in this game.  The damn Slayers won another weekly pot, by pure luck, as Mason pulled out a Monday Nighter score for them with 2 minutes left.  The Point pulled out a critical victory in beating the Jaguars but they only scored 67 points!  Lucky for them, they got 3 plays against the Jags this year, who are 0-7 in their division!  The Slayers win last week when coupled with the TNT loss, moved them back into the Division lead.  The Commish is doing a pretty damn fine job this year, being that he had the last pick, and for a bit of comparison, when KFC had the 12th pick, they ended up with the #1 pick the following year (2003).  The Slayers need a win here to stay in the Division lead and probably gain a game on TNT who are playing the Sandbaggers.  The Point find themselves in a must win spot, cause they got 3 teams breathing closely on their heels, only 2 games back.  While Mr. Fantasy would like to see the Point go on a nice little win streak here, the Slayers are friggin’ tough (although da Pilchards kicked their Pansy Asses!), and will pull out the W (although not the weekly high score), when they win 110-92.