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Week 13 Mr. Fantasy

Home Up




 Well the Cunts and Dicks (C&D) finally showed up last week and kicked the shit out of Mr. Weber's pussy's.  TBFC, while not spectacular, is in first plase at 9-3 and will need to win in order to stay ahead of Weber's pussy's.  I want to thank the previous fantasy writers for picking against TBFC (10
of the past 12 games). Just goes to show you. YOU ALL SUCK BIG COCK when it comes to picking
winners.  As far as the game goes, cannot see C&D winning this game, despite the fact they now are only two games out of a wild card. Cher, go choke on Dennis's turkey leg FINAL SCORE . .TBFC 92,
C&D 83

Suicide Queens @ Semolina Dickheads: The Queen's got their cunts shaved last week by a point and the Dickheads lost dropping them back into second. The Queens despite having the worst roster in the league (other than Owens), are only one game out of the final wild card spot. What can you say about Weber's team? While he has done a nice job of changing it (since the one coming out of the draft looked like MY FUCKING ASSHOLE), it should be noted that even if this loser wins the entire league, he will still end up owing money for all of his trading/maneuvering lo date. By the way Mike, has your name ever made the trophy?  Even if Steve Mcnair dose not play this week, Mr. Holmes will be enough to defeat the pansied filed roster of the Queens as they will begin there final decent into the SHIT HOLE. Final Score. Pussy Boys.. 133. Queens 72

Undertakers @ Sandbaggers: It's no wonder why the Undertakers are making a final push for the
playoffs (one game out of the wild card) being that Terry Daniel drafted this team.  Just give it some time and Daryl will fuck his team up. History has proven this to be correct.  Daryl, your team will not make the playoffs, however, look at it this way, the Cowboys probably will.   Sandbaggers, while not winning impressively as of late, continue to hold on to the one seed and will do so again this week. Final Score: Sandbaggers 135 Fakers 92.

Jaguars @ What's the Point: Terry's team has picked it up somewhat after a fucking miserable start.  While it's too late for them to make any playoff noise, it would be nice to see them ruin Bob Morton's
world. Bob has been living in Fucking Fantasy Land during the early and mid part of the year.  I want to
again congratulate him on trading the league MVP (Mcnair) to Weber's pussy boys.  While once threatening,  Bob's team has wilted (like his penis) over the last two weeks and he now finds himself
fighting off many for the last playoff spot. Bob, I hope Davis and Mcnabb choke on their Turkey and die. UPSET OF THE WEEK ..Jags 97 Where is my point 88

Dragon Slayers @ Show Me the Money: Our Dick-sucking, loser commish who my my partner and I love so much are wondering when he will learn to make a decision on his own.  Last week his team
was humiliated by division rival  TNT .  The Slavers still are in decent  playoff position and should be ok providing that Martino  doesn't do something stupid like think for hilmself. MEMO TO MARTINO. ...YOU NEED A BRAIN TO THINK FOR YOURSELF YOU FUCKING IDIOT.  Martino will do the right thing this week and ask other league owners who he should start Final Score- Slayers 99..Show Me.. 98

TNT @ Caesars: TNT was my pick to win it all at the beginning of the year and to date are in solid
shape to do just that.  The Caesar's after having a solid rookie season have fallen back on hard times and are now in contention for the first pick of next yeas draft Score: TNT..... 101. Caesars 75