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Week 12 Mr. Fantasy

Home Up


TNT Explosion at Dragon Slayers

Let’s start with the most important game of the week and probably of the year for these two teams.  This has been a division battle for the entire season, with these two teams fighting neck in neck.  Just when the Slayers thought they had them, TNT comes back to win the week getting their second highest score.  As everyone knows the Slayers do not have any backups for their key players and at this moment in time Taylor and Harrison are still game time decisions.  The Slayers will not be slaying anyone if these two players do not play.   TNT on the other hand has Plummer back in a big way scoring 31 points in week 11.  The Broncos  are at home against the Bears and Indy is away at Buffalo .  I hate to say it but the Slayers will have to rely on the rest of the season’s games’ and give this one to TNT in a close one.  TNT over the Slayers 100 to 95.

Suicide Kings at KFC

The second most interesting game is between two of the league’s most interesting rivals.  We all know there is no love lost between these two owners.  The Kings make a free agent move picking up Wheatley to battle against KFC.  The Kings can win this one but it will come down to the team that picks the correct starters.  The loser will be one step closer to elimination.  This will be a battle ‘til the end with KFC due for a win beating the Kings 85 to 75.

 C&D TD Makers at Semolina Pilchards

There is not mistaking it, the Pilchards are on a roll.  With some lucky free agent moves and trades and a ton a $$ this team has built a powerhouse of a team.  C&D has built his team primarily around the Seattle Seahawks.  Well the Hawks are playing the Ravens in Baltimore and while a Hawk can probably beat the shit out of a Raven I do not believe that Seattle will do much in Baltimore .  Also the Titans are bound to score a ton in Atlanta .  So, sorry Dennis and Cher , chalk another one in the loss column.  Pilchards over C&D 110 to 80.

 Jaguars at Undertakers

Look everyone it is Terry against Terry.  Which one of Terry’s teams will win this week?  Mr. Fantasy has to go with the Undertakers.  This team is much better than its record illustrates and is due for a win.  The Jaguars come off of a two game winning streak but unfortunately their luck has run out here.  Even after all their free agent moves and a trade they still do not have two decent receivers to start this week against their other team.  The Undertakers over the Jags 75 to 65.

 Sandbaggers at What's the Point

This game is a joke with the Sandbaggers scoring an average of 20 more points a week than the Point.  Chances are that The Sandbaggers will win their forth weekly high score with Minnesota at home against the Lions.  The Point made its run for a wildcard spot but with its third loss in a row this week, their hopes are slipping fast.  The Baggers over the Point 135 to 75.

Show Me the Money at Mighty Caesars

This game is pointless with both of these teams going nowhere fast.  These teams are playing just for pride.  Maybe the coulda team of the year can finally win one and stop their seven game losing streak.  Hey guys, not for nothing but the Caesars could have been one of the best teams in the league at seven and four, believe it or not.  The Caesars over the Money 89 to 79.