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Week 11 Mr. Fantasy

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Mr. Fantasy

                                                                                  Week 11


Undertakers at Show Me The Money

This game features two teams that are headed in opposite directions. The takers, thanks to you know who, are still in the playoff hunt with the KC QB & Defense to go along with Portis. The Money on the other hand have struggle all year and will need a huge week from Washington QB and Coles to keep this game close.  My bad with the Mushin pick, however you have to give it up on the Mo Williams Pick.                                                                   Takers 100 The Money 73


Jaquars at Mighty Caesars

This game features the battle of the shithole. Both teams suck and are basically playing for pride.  The only thing the Jaqs have is Ahman Green and fumble Barber. While the Caesars will counter with the return of the New Orleans QB to go along with Faulk who will turn it up a notch this week and Hines Ward. Commish my check is in the mail let me know how much money I owe because my season is over.                                                               Ceasars 100 Jags 63.


TBFC at Sandbaggers

This game is one of two key games this week the other key match-up is the Pilchards at the Slayers.  The baggers are loaded with the best WR tandem in league history of Moss & Holt to go along with the old Culpepper. KFC will need a huge week from the St Louis QB & Tomlinson to top the baggers. Take the baggers in a barn burner.                                                                                                                                             Baggers 125 TBFC 110


Suicide Kings at Whatís The Point

I thought the Point was crazy when he traded the Tennessee QB to the Pilchards for the Philly QB.  However the trade has worked out for the point. The Philly QB has finally thrown a TD to a WR and Davis has been the man.  The Kings get Owens back this week to go along with Boston who should put up good numbers the rest of the way now that Flutie is the QB for San Diego.  With that being said the Kings will need to score more than 53 points to keep this game close. 53 points are you kidding me? Donít laugh the point only posted 54 points last week. The point will light it up this week with a huge effort from McNabb & Williams.                                The Point 95 Kings 74


Semolina Pilchards at Dragon Slayers

The Pilchards come into this game riding a 6 game win streak thatís right 6 game win streak. The Slayers is also one of the hottest teams in the league with a 3 game win streak. The Slayers are in first place in the Montana Division and need this game to stay one game ahead of TNT. The Pilchards is one game behind TBFC. This game is huge. The Pilchards has created a playoff team by shaking down everybody in the league. Last week he tried to shake me down for Green for Rudi Johnson. Who the hell is Rudi Johnson?  All jokes aside, the Pilchards really do have a good team with the McNair, Holmes and the emerging Santana Moss. The Slayers has the Indy QB and Harrison who may not play this week. Too much firepower for the Pilchards.                               Pilchards 110 Slayers 98


C&D TD Makers at TNT Explosion

This is a trap game for TNT. On paper TNT should easily handle the Makers this week with the return of Jake the Snake to go along with Jamal Lewis and the Deuce. The Seattle QB and Alexander should have a huge week against the Detroit Defense. I donít think that will be enough.  I like TNT this week.                      TNT 98 Makers 85