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Week 1 Mr. Fantasy

Home Up




 TBFC (+8 pts) @ C&D TD Makers

Dennis and Cher made their annual donation to the Fantasy pot and for the first time in seven years, we actually heard Cher speak.  While she did not actually speak a full sentence, it’s nice to know she has the ability to pronunciate.  Seattle has a tough first game (home vs. New Orleans), however, they are playing against last year’s doormat TBFC who drafted a team that should keep them out of the basement this year.  The team that play’s C&D in week four (The Point) should have a cakewalk, as four of C&D’s starters will be on their bye week.  I guess we can blame that on Cher.  On a side note, I would like to say that if Dennis complimented Morton’s selections one more time, I was going to vomit. Final score…….C&D 93, TBFC 85.

Suicide Kings (+4 pts)  @ Semolina Pilchards

While I truly love busting on Rick, he has put together three solid season’s since splitting from the Slayers.  On paper, I would say that the Kings could be in for a tough season, (shitty WR’s and RB’s) however, they are playing the Pilchard’s (owned by possibly the biggest loser in the league, Mike Weber).  Lets all keep in mind that Mr. Weber had his first winning season last year (barely at 9-8) and had not had a winning record since 1998.  (Needless to say his name is not on the trophy in case anyone was interested).  This year should be no different.  THE PILCHARDS QB’S BOTH ARE OFF DURING WEEK 10….DO NOT TRADE A QB WITH THEM!!!!  Pilchards are loaded at running back, however, have nothing after that.  Expect another shitty season from these guys, however, they will win this week. Final score……Pilchards  91, Kings 87.

Undertakers (+22 pts) @ Sandbaggers

I would expect the Undertakers to have a good year this year since their owner did not attend the draft and left his fate in Terry D.’s hands.  Keep in mind that the year that the Undertakers won the trophy, Daryl’s partner was primarily accountable for their success.  Daryl, nice to see you.  Sandbaggers usually have a very competitive team and I would expect nothing different this year. If the Undertakers do anything this year its because of Terry D!!!!!  Final Score…..Baggers 104, Undertakers 82

Jaguars (-35pts) @ What’s the Point

Not much you can say about this one.  One of the best owners in the league vs. one of the worst (based on career record since inception of the league). Other than Ricky Williams and Burress, the Point has nothing (unless you ask Dennis Wilckens).  Despite picking late in the first round, the Jags were able to put together a solid team (DESPITE HAVING TO PICK FOR THE UNDERTAKERS AS WELL), and should contend throughout the year.   Bubba, thanks for your annual contribution. Final Score…..Jaguars 105, The Point 70.

Dragon Slayers (+15pts) @ Show Me the Money

So much for Weber’s theory that being the Commish makes it tough to win in this league as Martino won it all last year.  Weber, you’re an absolute loser, however, I’ll tell you this, you run a smooth draft.   If Martino screwed up with that computer one more time I think we all were going to kill him (although it seemed to give the Kings some extra time each round which we all know Rick used). Lets just say that Martino’s run as the champ of the league ended on draft night.  Other than the Indy connection, he had NOTHING.  I actually think that Show Me may actually have a decent year for a change.  Final Score……Show Me 88, Slayers 73.

TNT Explosion (-25pts) @ Mighty Caesars

I like what TNT did on draft day and I think the Caesars, while ok at RB, are very weak at WR.  TNT is my pick to win it all…Sorry Weber…Final Score……TNT 120, Caesars 95.